ioThink Database is a database platform designed for the management and analysis of machine generated data .

5 Key Features of ioThink Database:

Efficient Data Storage
Super Fast data ingestion
Sub second Search
Schemaless Query language
Integrated ML support

Potential Applications :

IoT System
Network Security
Manufacture Automation,
Smart Transportation,
Log Analysis.

Advantages of ioThink Database:

Realtime ingestion of time series and events data

Low cost architecture using commodity hardware

Efficient data compression algorithm

Innovative ioThink iQL query language that can
query schema-less data tables

Integrated Machine Learning capability


ioThink Security is an integrated network security management platform on top of ioThink Database that includes flow data management, log management, end-point management and security events management. It features threat detection, threat hunting, real-time monitoring, response management, and security reporting easy to use functions. By capturing network traffic information and collecting log data in real time, applying big data analysis and machine learning algorithms, ioThink Security can help you quickly and accurately discover hidden network and data security threats.

Main features of ioThink Security:

Flow data ingestion,
Log data collection,
Super fast search,
Security alert,
Analytic reports,
Self-defined rules,
Response management

Comprehensive security intelligence:

5 million virus finger print, 30000 alert rules, 30000
rouge IP, 250000 risky URL

Advantages of ioThink Security:

Complete tracking of network event and log data
for long period of time,

Fast threat hunting search and query capability,

Non-intrusive installation and setup,

Customized risk analysis report,

Smart risk scoring model

Self-defined Alert rules,

Low cost.


ioThink Edge is a plug-n-play integrated security box that includes ioThink Security software suite, a Firewall, and a WIFI router. It can be uesd as a network gateway to your office or home network with security management, network usage management, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities.

ioThink Edge only takes 5 minutes to setup, as easy as setting up a office/home router. It is perfect for work from home users .


ioThink kubernetes security can protect your kubernetes cluster by:

  • a). Cluster visibility and metrics monitoring and alerting
  • b). Cluster network traffic monitoring and analytics
  • c). Signature based intrustion detection
  • d). Threat hunting
  • e). Endpoint security of k8s nodes, pods and containers
  • f). Container image assessment
  • g). Threat intelligence
  • h). Security insights and reporting


Welcome to try out ioThink Security software. Here is the { Datasheet } .

Please read { ioThink Security Installation Guides } for instructions to install ioThink Security.

After installation, please read { ioThink Security User Manual } on how to use ioThink Security to protect your network.

If you would like to purchase ioThink Security, please { contact us }


ioThink Security    "Datasheet"       and    "Installation and configuration guide"       and    "User Manual"   


ioThink Air

Wifi router hardware + IDS + SIEM 3 in 1


  • "2 core x86 CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD Disk
  • Linux
  • Ingestion rate: 10000 Events/
  • Second
  • Storage: 2 Billion event
  • records"
ioThink Edge

Edge hardware + IDS + SIEM 3 in 1


  • "2 core x86 CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD Disk
  • Linux
  • Ingestion rate: 10000 Events/
  • Second
  • Storage: 2 Billion event
  • records"
ioThink BYOD

IDS + SIEM software

Price may vary. Please contact us

  • Performance may vary


  • Network traffic capturing
  • Network trafic monitoring
  • Rule based threat detection
  • Log management
  • User behavior analytics
  • Endpoint monitoring
  • Threat hunting
  • Malware md5 detection
  • Confidential file md5 detection
  • Response management
  • Security reporting
  • Threat intelligence
  • Account management
  • Security portal


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